Top 8 Best Sandblasting Cabinets in 2022 Reviews

There are many techniques to attain stellar finishes in your workpieces; however, sandblasting is among the most effective methods. The very best sandblasting cabinets provide you with control, ability and repeatable results for all sorts of finishes.

But deciding on the very best sandblasting cabinet may be a complex undertaking, and that is why we are here! We have rounded up all of the ideal sandblasting cabinets in the sector and reviewed them to give you a hand. So whether you have been fighting with sandblasting using obsolete equipment, or you are only a new buyer who doesn’t know where to begin or what features to look for when buying a sandblasting cabinet, you are in the right place.

Read on to see which sandblasting cabinets we recommend and why we recommend them!

8. Pen Style Sand Blaster Jewelry Making Casting Metal Polishing Finishing Machine

Best Sandblasting Cabinets 10. Pen Style Sand Blaster Jewelry Making Casting Metal Polishing Finishing Machine

It gives terrific visibility as a result of its clearly-molded room, and having the ability to detect each step of this approach is precisely what every shopper needs. This version is excellent for ordinary jewelry enthusiast. It provides greater flexibility than the Shop Fox M1114 Benchtop Sandblaster (as an example, you can perform much more extensive jewelry work together with the former, whereas the latter constraints you using smaller jewelry undertakings). Its general compact design offers effective bead-blasting, better visibility, and it makes the entire system simple to keep. Additionally, Pen Style Sand Blaster weighs 12 lbs., which makes it easily portable, which means it’s possible to use all of it on your pet’s workshop, and just re-locate it wherever required with no fantastic work.

Additionally, The Pen Style Sand Blaster includes a broad assortment of accessories. It has the following: a mylar-material shield, a respirator, a filter sock, along with a 2.88 mm ceramic nozzle also. Additionally, another set of replacement gloves can also be included.

7. Redline RE28 Sand Glass Bead Media Blaster Blast Cabinet

Best Sandblasting Cabinets 8. Redline RE28 Sand Glass Bead Media Blaster Blast Cabinet

Furthermore, this machine comes combined with 18-gauge steel panels to guarantee durability. Also, the inside space comprises a fluorescent light system to maintain the workspace ventilated. The viewing window includes a dimension of 22X10.5-inch.

The air-sealed rubber gloves offer you secure access to the inside space of the model, and its system also needs an airflow of 7-CFM at the speed of 40 to 80-PSI. Besides, this version comes combined with 4 bits of removable ceramic nozzles. Thus, this cabinet has an extended lifespan. The wobble-free base retains the machine stable throughout the sandblasting procedure. This system doesn’t flow sand through the process.

6. Grizzly Industrial T27156 – Top-Loading Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet

Best Sandblasting Cabinets 6. Grizzly Industrial T27156 - Top-Loading Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet

Together with the working place of 23-3/4x19x19-inch, this version also creates the sandblasting process suitable for users. Furthermore, this top-loading version makes operation simple for everybody. This system comes combined with gloves that are sealed. Therefore, you can get secure access to the inside space of the cupboard.

With the support of this inbuilt fluorescent lamp, this version keeps the working room illuminated. This lightweight version also diffuses distinct metallic surfaces to remove roughness. Additional, you may work on various metallic surfaces such as cleaning, polishing, and finishing. The blasting gun of the cabinet comes combined with 4 bits of ceramic hints. The wobble-free metallic legs maintain the machine in 1 area through the sandblasting procedure.

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5. OEMTOOLS 24815 Bench Top Abrasive Blast Cabinet, Removes Rust, Grime, and Paint, Great for Automobile Rebuilders or Anyone Restoring Antique Metal Objects

Best Sandblasting Cabinets 5. OEMTOOLS 24815 Bench Top Abrasive Blast Cabinet, Removes Rust, Grime, and Paint, Great for Automobile Rebuilders or Anyone Restoring Antique Metal Objects

The sandblast cabinet provides hassle-free setup onto any bench-top. Also, you may use this version to eliminate rust, oxidation, and old paint from various metallic surfaces. The removable ceramic hints of the nozzles enable you to use this version for several years. It is possible to use this version to put in a diffused or matte coating to eliminate various metals’ roughness. This system also conveniently functions on multiple surfaces to stop rust, dirt, paint, along other impurities.

What’s more, the inbuilt exhaust of the model readily handles smaller burst cleaning jobs. The removable filter retains the abrasive in 1 area through the sandblasting procedure. The design is ideal for polishing and cleaning classic metallic jewelry and objects.

4. 9TRADING Portable 25 Gallon Bench Top Air Sandblasting Cabinet Sandblaster with 4 x Nozzles

Best Sandblasting Cabinets 4. 9TRADING Portable 25 Gallon Bench Top Air Sandblasting Cabinet Sandblaster with 4 x Nozzles

With the work area of 25x21x19-inch, this sandblast cabinet offers plenty of space to make the sandblasting process easier. This model also comes along with a large viewing window. Moreover, the package comes with a 25-gallon sandblast cabinet, four assorted ceramic nozzles, a dash collector port and a blasting gun.

This 25-Gallon Bench Top Sandblaster Cabinet is easy to use. Just connect to a 5 CFM air compressor and add blasting media such as black beauty and begin sandblasting all different sized and shaped items.

3. Shop Fox M1114 Benchtop Sandblaster

Best Sandblasting Cabinets 3. Shop Fox M1114 Benchtop Sandblaster

This bench-top sandblast cabinet comes together with a solid burst gun with ceramic hints. The top-loading model also comes together with a set of rubber gloves that are sealed. For this reason, it’s possible to conveniently set your hands right into the inside space of the cupboard.

You may conveniently use this system to eliminate rust or paint on various metallic surfaces. Additional, it is possible to eliminate your work pieces right away quickly. This cupboard demands a 15-watt fluorescent light bulb to light up the workspace, and its system requires an aviation speed of 60 to 100-PSI. The model includes an abrasive capability of 10-pounds. The big viewing window allows users to track the sandblasting procedure.

2. TP Tools USA 2858 Skat Blast Sandblast Sandblasting Cabinet with HEPA Vacuum, 58″W x 28″D x 28″H Work Area, Made in USA

Best Sandblasting Cabinets 2. TP Tools USA 2858 Skat Blast Sandblast Sandblasting Cabinet with HEPA Vacuum, 58

The sandblast cabinet is made in the USA. With the dimensions of 58x28X28-inch, this sandblasts cabinet’s work area makes it very much convenient for users. This model also comes with a powerful Vac-50 HEPA Vacuum to remove dust, an adjustable 90-watt floodlight assembly, 28-inch long double-strenth cabinet gloves and C-35 Foot Pedal-Operated Power Gun. Moreover, the expanded metal screen holds up to 200 lb objects easily, and welded angle-iron door frame provides added strength.

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This product is easy to use. Just insert part through the side-loading door and press the foot pedal. C-35 Foot-Pedal-Operated Power Gun removes rust, paint, and scale to bare metal FAST! Moreover, it comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

1. TP Tools USA 2846 Skat Blast Sandblast Sandblasting Cabinet with HEPA Vacuum, 46″W x 28″D x 28″H Work Area, Made in USA

Best Sandblasting Cabinets 1. TP Tools USA 2846 Skat Blast Sandblast Sandblasting Cabinet with HEPA Vacuum, 46

This sandblasting cabinet is accompanied by an extra-wide workplace. Moreover, with all the work region of 46x28x28-inch, this cupboard gives you the capacity to eliminate oxidation from various objects. This cabinet comes combined with a flexible 90-watt floodlight to provide clear visibility when blasting. The power instrument has 28-inch extended dual-strength cupboard gloves. This cabinet also includes a foot-pedal operated electricity gun for suitable sandblasting.

What’s more, the cupboard can create 10 to 15-CFM in the atmospheric pressure of 80 to 125-PSI. The framework of the cabinet includes the building of a solid welded angle-iron. The door of the sandblasting model also requires the building of 11-gauge steel.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Sandblasting Cabinet:

While all sandblast cabinets are made for the same general purposes, there are many different specifications.

Types of Sand Blasting Equipment

Sandblasting machines are created in a couple of diverse styles: regular, split-level, and mobile. While all three types function similarly and may use various social websites, there are essential differences. Selecting which design will work best for you depends on how many times you would like to use your sandblaster and what functions.


These fixed cabinet blasters have openings in the front and on both sides of the machine. They’re great for working on small to medium sized objects.


Split-level blaster cabinets can also be fixed and possess a hatch shirt that opens up to a hinge to make a larger work area. These cabinets are helpful when working on larger or heavier objects.


Portable sand blaster cabinets, sometimes called miniature sandblasters, are ideal for working with smaller or even more delicate objects since they let you create more detailed alterations. Benchtop sandblast cabinets are entirely movable, making tasks beyond your garage or workshop potential. They provide remote control functionality and are often cheaper than other kinds of sandblaster cabinets available for sale.

As soon as you’ve picked the ideal sandblasting gear style for your requirements, you need to make another decision if you would like to use a siphon cupboard or an immediate pressure cupboard.

Types of Blasting Systems

The question here is how you want your machine deliver your abrasive media to the blasting nozzle.

Siphon Blasting Cabinets

Siphon cabinets also referred to as suction closets, are perfect for mild to event usage, overall cleaning and lighting production jobs. They utilize a gun to pull abrasive press in your blasting nozzle in which is then taken at the end of the nozzle. The necessitates using much more air pressure than immediate pressure closets since the delivery is a more straightforward procedure. Nonetheless, these systems are simpler to use and set up and are generally more affordable than direct pressure closets.

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Direct Pressure Cabinets

These machines may reestablish abrasive media in a greater blasting flow rate than siphon blasting cabinets. Unlike the siphon delivery, this system pushes out social media right, making finishing your tasks on average considerably quicker. The guide pressure cabinets also permit you to reduce and increase the pressure to personalize the flow speed for every job you do. Besides these types of options, there are other factors too. Media blast cupboard details fluctuate with each version, and a few have better attributes than others.

Details and Features

Below are a few practical suggestions and warnings to guide you through the specs and details of this blasting machines you are thinking about.


If you are purchasing a regular cabinet, be sure to understand what material the cupboard doors are made from. Keep away from cupboard blaster machines with vinyl doors, which may squirt and squirt out readily and may result in machine malfunction.

Air Compressors

Their air compressor offers a few Sandblast cabinets; nevertheless, not all are. If you are considering buying a sandblast cabinet with no included air compressor, then be confident that you look at the mandatory PSI and CFM to the sandblast cabinet to test whether it functions with your present air compressor.


The alloy used for body and frame building also affects the quality and endurance of your backpack cupboard. Machines using milder steel bodies are more economical and work immensely well for occasional usage. Still, if you are considering using your blasting cabinet regularly, you’ll have to put money into a machine using a sturdier structure, such as thick gauge steel.


Some cabinet blasters arrive with inside lighting. Even though this isn’t always necessary for everyday use if you would like additional, concentrated lighting that will assist you in your comprehensive work, a sandblast cabinet with interior lighting is best.


Another humdrum factor is if the cupboard you are buying is wholly constructed or will need an assembly. Sandblasting cabinets might require hours of assembly. The assembly might be rather complicated, particularly for those who don’t have any prior understanding of how these machines have been constructed and operate.

So, as soon as you’ve decided on the kinds of sandblasting cabinets and processes and consideration about the particular qualities you would like, you should begin purchasing the sandblasting machines available.

Final Verdict

Considering the factors mentioned above, we have rounded up the top 8 best blasting cabinet in 2022; however, TP Tools USA 2846 stands first on our list. We highly recommend you read through each product’s details and choose one today because its features and quality won’t let you down. Additionally, you may also want to read our review of the best hot tub covers in 2022. 

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